About Me

Currently, I have a job at a non-profit. It’s a good job, but for some time now I’ve been thinking about what I want to do next. I’ve wanted to learn to code and had taken some into HTML and CSS classes in the past, but only enough to make me more curious, not actually able to do anything.

After some poking around online, I decided to take a course with Skillcrush. They have several different courses – called blueprints – and I decided to take the one that touches on everything, called the Break Into Tech Blueprint. The course has three phases, and I’m at the beginning of Phase Two.

I want to get a job in tech as a front-end developer.

Maybe this goal will change by the end of the course and after learning way more, but for now, that’s my goal.

I’m on the East Coast. I’m in my mid-40’s (!!!!! This surprises me every single day.) I’m a parent. My job is full-time. Attempting to learn enough to switch careers is terrifying. But staying put doesn’t feel like an option, and for sure what I’ve learned so far makes me want to learn even more. Yes, I am being purposefully vague about who I am, as I’m not particularly public about this path that I’m on.

This blog is a direct product of a talk called “The fearless interview” given by Ryan Labouve. I found the link for said speech from an email list I’m on from freeCodeCamp.org. Thanks for the inspo, Ryan!

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